Pop-up Toy

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Many Montessori homes include this material on their shelves and for good reason. Young children love this simple toy and it is one that grows with your child.

Makes a great first birthday present. Initially your child may only be able to remove the pegs. They may need your help to hold the base. Later they learn to place the pegs back in the slots. And later still they learn to press on the pegs and they see, much to their delight, how the pegs pop out!!!

At some point you will see your child matching the pegs according to colour. 

Great for hand-eye coordination.

Safety Warning

WARNING! Only for use under adult supervision. Do not use with any objects other than the figures supplied. Do not aim at eyes or face.

Weight: 312 grams

Dimensions: 16.5cm length x 12cm height with pegs inserted x 3cm width approximately 

Age: 10 months +