Rainbow Stacker

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This attractive rainbow stacker has five vertical dowels for your child to stack discs  Great for hand-eye coordination and is a material that helps the child to learn how to steady the hand as they stack the discs.

Children may initially use this material as a stacking material only.  Later they may become aware of matching the colours correctly.  As they become more aware of numbers the child may count the rings as they are stacked. 

This material provides automatic control of error, for example only one ring will fit on the first peg. Inbuilt control of error is an important quality of a Montessori material as the child learns to correct himself. Once they begin stacking according to colour and they stack a dowel with the wrong colour pegs he / she will see an error as there will be some discs too many or some short. They come to this realisation themselves and they correct it.

Weight: 418 grams