Interlocking Discs

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Passing an object from one hand to the other is a skill which your baby has to figure out and master. Don't worry if it takes some time. Initially when you give the Interlocking Discs to your baby they may use it like a rattle in one hand. It is exciting to wait and watch for the moment when your baby can transfer objects between hands!

This material is great for strengthening the wrists. Watch how your baby's wrists turn as he /she passes it from one hand to the other.

Use the discs later when they are just about to crawl or slither. The interlocking discs roll in a wonderful way that is not too fast for baby and can offer incentive and motivation to move forwards and reach for it.

For babies from 2 months +

Weight: 55 grams 

Dimensions: Each circle has a diameter of approximately 6cm