Montessori Coin Box - Montessorimary
Montessori Coin Box - Montessorimary

Montessori Coin Box

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This Montessori Coin Box material offers the infant a great fine motor challenge. The coins will not fit into the slot in every position as with the balls used in the object permanence boxes and the imbucare boxes with balls. They have to turn their wrist and be more precise with their movements in order to succeed. The coins disappear into the slot and when they pull the drawer open there they are again! They may need your help initially to replace the drawer.

Another exercise in object permanence - the knowledge that an item is still there, even though we can't see it.

Suitable for babies once they are sitting and can be introduced after activities such as the Imbucare boxes and the 3D Object Fitting Exercises of Egg and Cup and Box and Cube.

Weight: 688 grams

Dimensions: 15cm length x 15cm width x 11cm height