Montessori Mystery Bag
Montessori Mystery Bag
Montessori Mystery Bag - Montessorimary

Montessori Mystery Bag

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Start using the Montessori Mystery Bag by introducing the names of these geometric solids. Upon mastery, put one of each kind, or the ones that your child knows the names for in one of the cloth drawstring bags provided. 

Show how to pick out one and guess what it is before you pull it out. This allows the child to develop the stereognostic sense, the same sense we use when we are searching for keys in our handbags!!

You can put one of each kind into each of the two cloth bags and take a bag each. Pull one out and have your child find the same solid from their bag and vice versa. Have fun with different games!

This set comprises of one yellow cloth bag, one blue cloth bag and one red cloth bag. There are 20 solids in total, with ten varying shapes and two of each kind.

3 Years +

Size of Pieces: 2 to 5 Cm

Important: Small pieces present a choking hazard. Do not use with children who still mouth objects. Use under adult supervision only.