Object Permanence Box

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This Object Permanence Box is perhaps one of the best known infant and toddler Montessori materials. It gives the child the opportunity  to practice hand-eye coordination and helps improve hand, wrist and finger control. 

The child has to coordinate his hand movements together in a precise way so that the ball falls into the box. It then dissapears momentarily out of sight allowing the child to experience object permanence, where just because you cannot see the ball, it doesn't mean that it is gone. The ball is then delivered to the front of the box ready to repeat the activity over and over. 

The concept seems simple to us adults, but mastering this is a big step for children.

7 Months +

Weight: 756 grams / 427 grams

Dimensions of Large Box: 30cm length x 15cm width x 10.5 height approximately 

Dimensions of Medium Box: 24cm length x 10.5 width by 8.5cm height approximately