Horizontal Dowel - Montessorimary
Horizontal Dowel - Montessorimary

Horizontal Dowel

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Don't forget stacking does not always have to incorporate vertical stacking!

Slightly different hand movements are required for Horizontal Stacking and this material offers a different challenge for the young child. The child refines his hand movements by placing the three green wooden discs onto the horizontal dowel. A great pre-cursor for threading beads.

The horizontal dowel is also an important material that helps with the developmental skill of crossing the midline. Before acquiring this skill they use their right hand on the right side of their body and left hand on the left hand side of their body. The ability to cross the midline is needed for later skills such as getting dressed, reading and writing.

Weight: 212 grams

Dimensions: 14cm long x 14cm wide x 11.5 cm high