Octahedron Mobile

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The Octahedron Mobile is the second mobile in a series of four visual mobiles, designed to help develop the visual sense. From about six weeks babies begin to get better at focusing on objects and begin to see the primary colours of red, yellow and blue more distinctly.

This is a Wonderful Visual Mobile for a baby as they are just beginning to see the world in colour. They are fascinated by the holographic shiny material as it gently turns. As the mobile turns it offers early opportunities for the baby to track and focus on objects. It allows the baby opportunities in building concentration skills as they delight in focusing on the octahedrons twirling above them as they lie beneath.

As this is a visual mobile it should be hung at about 30cm above your baby, out of arms reach while your baby lies flat beneath it on a suitable mat on the floor. 

  • For babies from 6 - 8 weeks +

Weight: 59 grams